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The Truth About Autism, Poker and Blackjack - Blog

Daniel Tammet is a well known autistic savant The inability to stop voicing internal thoughts is another, and would be a massive liability in most card games. Studies like these as well as society’s averseness to nuance can lead to many ignorant expectations on what a person with autism is capable of. Most probably realize that all individuals with autism are not card playing savants and that many are high-functioning enough to live a seemingly ‘normal’ life. Of modern media’s portrayals (including Rain Man and Abed Nadir’s character in Community) of those with autism, Jolanta Lasota, chief executive of the charity Ambitious about Autism, says that “Anything that helps to increase awareness about autism is to be welcomed, but it has to be balanced by portraying people on different parts of the spectrum. As the saying goes, ‘If you’ve met one person with autism…you’ve met one person with autism.’ No two people are alike.” Despite the stereotype, there aren’t really any known (or at least publicized) cases of someone with an autism disorder being a pro-level player at poker, blackjack, or similar. For a while, rumors were abound that poker pro Daniel Cates (known as jungleman12 in online play) had autism.

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Birmingham Airport enlists Blackjack for new SkyZone

Blackjack-Birmingham-Airport-Promotion This website uses cookies and contains content relating to the tobacco and alcohol industry. Click here to view our cookie policy . By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies, are aged over 18 and permitted to see tobacco and alcohol content intended for a business to business audience. Birmingham Airport enlists Blackjack for new SkyZone Blackjack Promotions provided staff members to manage the activities and make special appearances as Birmingham Airport mascot Zoom and his Sky Cadets friends. Birmingham Airport has enlisted the support of travel retail, staffing and experiential agency Blackjack Promotions to produce a series of events and activities to celebrate the re-launch of its new look SkyZone area. The new look SkyZone, Birmingham Airport’s interactive and educational children’s play area is located airside at gate 55. It has undergone a revamp and was officially launched at the end of July to coincide with the start of the school summer holidays. As part of the family-friendly brand initiative, Blackjack Promotions provided staff members to manage the activities and make special appearances as Birmingham Airport mascot Zoom (see below left) and his friends, the Sky Cadets. The costume characters supported a range of creative sessions which allowed children to create their own summer visors, have a temporary tattoo and take selfies with the characters before boarding their flights. Stuart Haseley-Nejrup, Head of Customer Experience at Birmingham Airport said: “Working with BlackJack has been a great experience.

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